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Set 5 Late Victorian Stair Rods

We currently have 5 in stock.

A set of 5 matching large and imposing antique brass stair rods and brackets recently removed from a commercial building, Circa 1900. Each rod is 34.5in (880mm) and comes with two brackets for fitting. Ideal for large reception stairs in a Hotel or similar.Cleaned and through a multi stage polishing process, easily polished when they start to tarnish.

Sold as a set of 5.


Fairly good, they've certainly seen some use, some surface scratching. Only the face has been polished the other 2 sides just stripped of all the over painting. They aren't solid they are made up from 3 sections of brass.

 Original brass
Width: 880mm (34.5in)
Face height: 30mm (1.25in)
Bracket size: 55mm x 55mm 2.2kg each
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws 
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