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Arts & Crafts Finger Plates

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Really unusual late 1800s antique Arts & Crafts finger plates. Quite unusual to come across these pressed brass ones that are still usable (in saying that only half of what we bought are usable). Classic pitted background and not sure what the design is, there are very slight differences between the plates, some of the round sections are slightly different sizes, this is usual for sets of Arts & Crafts door furniture.

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They were actually painted, its been stripped and they've been carefully polished. There are a couple of bends, crinkly edges and some of the decoration is slightly pushed in. One or two of the screws have hairline splits, the screws still work they just need to be fitted quite carefully. They are too unusual not to save.

Finish: Original brass
Size: 280mm x 79mm (11in x 2.75in)
Supplied with: New domed slotted screws
Stock code: 1375/B
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